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Extreme QSDIII 4 Gallons


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Item Number: N-95-G
Manufacturer: Nikken-USA
Manufacturer Part No: N-95-G

Nikkens new "Extreme QSD-III" may be the best true "universal" fountain solution in the world today!! We have never seen a product that performs so well under so many circumstances and conditions. Thermal, Violet, Polyester, Analog. Any dampener Crestline, Kompaq, conventional, integrated, recirculators, you name it.

Features and user benefits:

One step process designed to run alcohol free.

For all types continuous dampening on web and sheetfed presses

Enhanced dampening efficiency

Wide press lattitude

Faster roll-up, reduces paper waste

Prevent excessive ink emulsification

Multi-use with CtP Polyester and Violet/Thermal Metal Plates

Ask for a FREE sample kit.


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Extreme QSDIII Brochure

Product Reviews

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QSDIII feedback
eagle (Unknown) 10/29/2006 8:25 AM
Believe it or not, I am still experimenting with the fountain solutions. On my Hamada 2-color which has the Crestline Dampening System, I found out that the previous fountain solution could not keep the plate moist enough on long run lengths which caused all kind of problems. After trying a ton of different mixes, I have found that the new QSD III did the trick. It has that extra lubrication needed to keep the plate moist on long runs. As the press gets hotter from the continuing revolutions it was drying out the other solutions to quickly, and the Crestlines run very dry normally. I was able to finish the balance of a 25,000 run with no problems at all. Could you send me a gallon of the new one to try ? I would need it ASAP since I have 9 other 25,000 runs I need to print. I need it shipped next day PM. I will also need a Quart of your Metal Plate Cleaner " CTP Plate Cleaner & Scratch Remover " also by NIKKEN. It is also an excellent product. Getting back to you on the Silver Image Deletion Pen for polyester plates: It is beyond a shadow of a doubt the best I have ever used. It works the first time, does not leave any marking and the Image will not re-appear. Do you have a broad Tipped Pen ? I have the Fine Point now. Also, do they make an additive Image Pen ? Anyway, my main concern today is getting that new QSD III into my shop ASAP, so please give me a call this morning or e-mail me on what you can do to help me out. Sincerely, Chris
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