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Shinoda Anti-Marking Paper


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Item Number: ICPP-SNN-200140
Manufacturer: Nikken-USA
Manufacturer Part No: ICPP-SNN-200140
ICP-P Economy (Brown) Anti-Marking Paper
Type S
20.000" x 14.000" (2 Sheets per Pack)
20"/52cm Format.

Any size available on request....Pearl-Tex 21 also available at a higher cost for a longer lasting solution with low maintenance and more forgiving on press.


1) Uniform thickness of .009 and .012 inch for precise sheet transfer.
2) Oil-impregnated non-stretching base paper is highly resistant to ink, oil, solvents, and water.
3) Uniform size, silicon glass beads are bonded to the base paper by an oil-resistant adhesive which prevents bead separation during printing.
4) Dimensionally stable regardless of direction of orientation on cylinder.
5) Greater resistance to the use of any press wash-up solvent.
6) No press modification or special cylinder surface required under base paper.


1) Silicon glass beads reduce static electricity on cylinders, allowing smooth, jam free sheet transfer and improved register.
2) Simple to install using peel off adhesive back.
3) Eliminates wasted sheets due to marking, while allowing higher press speeds.
4) Minimizes press downtime due to clean up of ink buildup on press cylinders.
5) A fraction of the cost of competitive systems.

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