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Pressman's Pride began as a "garage industry" in August 2004 while I continued to work full time integrating, installing and training Printers all over the USA with modern CtP workflow and problem solving related to "new" technologies and their subsequent learning curve. By being directly connected to literally hundreds of Printers while constantly being confronted with issues related to this change gave me a "panoramic view" of the industry and the real life problems inherited by many small to medium Printers in this new fast paced environment.

What began as a struggle to find "solutions" for many of the issues my clients faced I became aware of a company whose products had a remarkable abilty to solve many issues by the most simple methods. Nikken Printing Supply in Shaumburg, IL was more than generous toward all my customers who requested samples and eventually led Nikken and myself to come to an arrangement to distribute Nikken Products via the internet, initially started as in Oct 04 but not too long after re-branded as and subsequently Pressman's Pride Pressroom Product Distributors.

During the period between 2004 and current, Pressman's Pride has taken on a larger role in the Press Room Supply Industry by expanding relationships to every possible type of distribution through a combination of will, hard work and patience.  One by one the opportunities came, by hook or by crook, Nikken, Chemgon, Oakton and eventually larger contributors like Lehman Inc, Lithco and Graphline. Our current supply chain extends Coast to Coast and can supply anything from razor blades to sophisticated Filtration Systems and everything in between including a full service ink supplier and extensive equipment repair and technical services provided by a group of very talented independent service technicians working within the USA and even Canada and Mexico when needed!

Pressman's Pride is committed to outstanding service, support, knowledge and delivery, regardless of quantity, to any Printer or industry that requires fast delivery and prompt service. We are always available to meet your product needs. Call us anytime, day or night, any day, we are always here to help in any way we can. Our diverse supply network extends well beyond the over 1000 online products listed on We have a full line of equipment, services, consulting and products available, if you don't see it here, please call and we can quote, package and deliver just about any commercial printer need. We take pride in over 35 years of Printing know how and over 20 years of computer to film and plate workflows and problem solving. We can help with everything from front end applications to ink on paper solutions with our vast industry resources and experience.

We're always open, 24/7/365. Place your order anytime, day or night, Monday or Sunday, and it will ship promptly. All major credit cards are accepted. Let us help you with product selection and expertise. If your item is not listed here, call or email for a price quote. We have almost unlimited product resources at our disposal from our diverse supply network. Let us prove how online ordering can help you save time and money by making it simple and convenient. Just select the products you want, fill out the online form for shipping and payment and the order ships directly to your door. Register with Pressman's Pride and next time you log on your shipping and billing info will fill in automatically, all you provide is your username and password, all transactions are 256bit SSL secure.

We take great Pride in our product line. These products are proven effective, reliable and, when properly used, extremely economical. We want to make sure you are satisfied and we work hard to maintain a high level of integrity. Should any product not meet your standards for any respectable reason, your money will be refunded and we will pay to have the unused product returned. Feel free to call on us for product support, MSDS or questions regarding our products and how they may best serve your particular situation. Call 866-319-3334
 We do appreciate your business!
Erick Bristow/Owner and Founder
Pressman's Pride

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